Sunday, October 2, 2011

36 Weeks and Beyond....

36 Weeks I am really behind on my  blogging and I am not 36 weeks anymore, I am actually 39 weeks and 2 days!! Final picture is at the end!  I can't believe I have had little Baby Jett inside of me for nearly 10 months.  It's is so funny when I tell my students not to mess with me because I am 9 and 1/2 months pregnant....they get so confused because they have always been taught that a pregnancy is only 9 months.  So we have had some teachable moments even though I am teaching Astronomy and not Biology this year. 

I have been very blessed during this pregnancy because I haven't had many aches and pains.  And the ones I have had have actually been very easy to put up with.  My back was killing me for about 2 weeks and I finally realized it was my Reef and Sanuk flip-flops.  I had to ditch those and turn to my favorite Yellowbox brand.  So...note to self for the future.  I didn't think my shoes could have such an impact because they all felt so "cushiony"....but boy was I wrong. 

My biggest fear throughout all of this and going back to work for the past 6 weeks was the fact that my water would break at school and Shawn would be working 40 minutes away at the farm and no one would be able to take me to the hospital.  Well.....I made it through my 6 weeks of working and my water didn't break.  Some kids were sad that it didn't happen and some were beyond excited that I was leaving because they didn't want to experience that in my classroom. LOL!!

It is all very surreal right now, I am finished working for 8 weeks and we will have a tiny baby to take care of in less than two days!!  A plethora of emotions are running through my mind right now.  When we picked our induction date, I thought I was going to cry a river in our backyard because I was so terrified about the whole process.  Now, I keep staring at the sonogram pictures and just keep wondering what he is going to look like.  I think I am past the fear stage and finally moving on to the excited stage.  My parents are beyond ready and I think my mom is nesting more than I am when she comes over to the house.  Although, she will completely disagree with that statement! The nursery is ready to go and my bags are packed!  I will blog on the nursery soon, everyone has been requesting pictures, so I will make that a priority this afternoon!  :)
39 Weeks

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