Sunday, January 29, 2012

3 months (January)

Jett's 3 months pictures are below!  He is almost 4 months as I write this post, and he can finally hold his head up on his own!  He can also stand in the walker by himself but he slobbers and drools everywhere!  He has been snotty for about a month now, but the doctors have told us that there isn't much we can do because it's not in his lungs and he isn't running a fever.  Shawn and I think he has really bad allergies.  So, that will be a major topic of discussion at the 4 month appointment. I hate hearing my baby boy struggle to breathe, it is a miserable feeling not being able to help him.  On the more positive side, he is happy and continuously seems to not be bothered by his constant snotty nose.  He is getting SO big, it is amazing how fast time flies!  Last time we weighed him, he was almost 13 pounds! 

He loves to put his hands behind his head, he is like his daddy!  When they go up, we know it's nap time.  :)

I think he was waving at me again!

I just know he was saying, "Yo, what's up?" in a mobster accent!

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