Saturday, April 30, 2011

It's a Boy! :)

Shawn and I went to the doctor on Tuesday, April the 26th, and found out that we are having a little BOY!!  We both wanted a little boy first for several reasons.  I liked growing up with an older and protective brother so that was my reasoning.  Shawn is just pumped because the playing field is now even in the house (Ellie, Addison, and Myself vs. Shawn, Buff.....and now our new baby boy)!  We are both very excited and blessed! 
   My students are also very pumped and they all have advice on what to name the baby.  Especially the boys, they all want to give their input and they are driving me crazy!  Never would I name my child after a student... considering they are the last people that I want to think of when I look at my sweet child.  I did have one precious AP student bring me a blue cupcake in honor of the news.  I was pumped, hehe!


  1. Yummy! Love the new look of the blog...good job! We love boys.....and we are so excited!

  2. Congratulations, Brianna!! You'll be such a cute mama!!