Saturday, April 30, 2011

Desigining the Nursery

So....I have been doing lots of research on nurseries and I am getting a little frustrated.  Decorating for boys is definitely a challenge, considering how girly I am.  I have gone back and forth between many colors, but I woke up this morning knowing what I wanted.  Mom and I literally shopped until we dropped today and still didn't accomplish everything we wanted to do.  We have found a few fabrics but we can't seem to find the one that pulls it all together.  I found the perfect one at Hobby Lobby, but it was all flowers and mom told me that I couldn't put flowers in a boys room :(.  We are trying to avoid a trip to Dallas if at all possible, and so far we are accomplishing our task.  I am loving what we have, but it isn't perfect yet.

 A little preview of what's ahead.....

There are some special colors....but I am not revealing it all yet! :)

Stay tuned for more progress, I plant to paint walls tomorrow (with a ventilator of course)!


  1. okay, let me guess...cream, turquoise, maybe a brown in there and some orange!!! There are definitely less colors and designs for boys but you are a great designer and will make it look awesome. I would love to help paint or anything help you need with getting ready for a boy. Also, I would love to be a hostess for a baby shower if you need one!! Love, Michele

  2. It's going to be pretty awesome! No doubt... It's already looking pretty sweet!! Michele, you are very good!!!