Saturday, May 14, 2011

Cake Decorating Class

So the first cake decorating class that we took (Mom, Megan and I) was rather blah!  We sat in this awkward arrangement in a tiny room and the seats killed us.  The teacher was very talky talky, and I like to do the hands on stuff, so that was hard for us.  Finally on round two we were able to do stuff, and it became a much better class.  For the first class we had to bring sugar cookies and then we decorated them in class.  I didn't like the Wilton pre-bought icing because it was so thick and hard to maneuver.  For the second class we brought our own icing and we got to color it whatever color we wanted because we were going to ice an 8" cake.  The room becomes very messy and it seems as though no one ever cleans up after we leave. is a little bit gross, but we are still learning how to make fabulous cakes!  I have posted some pics below of my attempt from beginning to end.

Due to the unique icing from Wilton this cake was delicious!  I torted the cake and put strawberry filling in the middle of the cake and YUMM it made it so moist and tasty!  I have begun to realize why professional cakes taste soooo good!  Hopefully I will soon be able to make these professionally.  :) 

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