Friday, November 25, 2011


When I got pregnant I read a bunch of information on the Internet about what to do and what not to do in order to keep the baby safe.  Amongst my readings, I read about not using skin care products with retinol and salicylic acid because they could be harmful to the baby.  Well, I asked the nurse and she said that I should never be using those kinds of products on my face, I nixed the "Clean and Clear" moisturizer and zip zapper for 9 months. I have used these two products since I was in high school (nearly 10 years ago) and I just thought they were awesome!  Well friends, I am obviously not pregnant anymore and I have struggled with finding a good moisturizer while pregnant so I just gave up and bought "Clean and Clear" again.  After 9 months of using other stuff, I realized that "Clean and Clear" wasn't what I thought it was for sooo long.  I hate the way it leaves my face feeling dry and kind of crackly when I smile after I put it on. 

Needless to say...I have decided that my neck and my face our kind of important things to take care of and that my skin has definitely changed in the last 10 years.  I feel kind of like an old lady or I guess officially a momma who has to use products to keep her face looking young! 

I have always seen the "Philosophy" brand in stores like Sephora and lately I have seen it for a small discount at T.J. Maxx.  I could never push my self to spend the extra money on these "Philosophy" brand products.  I thought they were just overpriced and not worth it!  But....I got a steal of a deal from the Today show on a big package of 7 different "Philosophy" goodies.  It was over a $100 value and I think I spent $40ish with shipping and tax.  I honestly planned to give it as a gift and then when it came in I just couldn't stand it, I had to try some of their products!  I tried one and then I couldn't stop, I just kept opening up each little silver protector lid and before I knew it....the gift that was intended for someone else became my new treasure! hehe  Their Hope in a Jar is awesome for a moisturizer and I love it so much, I am considering buying the 8 oz jar for nearly $100, but before you gasp in shock, I have a %20 off coupon and it lasts for up to 8 months! 

I'd love to hear from y'all about some of your favorite products!  Now that I am a believer, I want to go to T.J. Maxx and see if they have any good bargains on this brand!  I also bought some Christmas Philosophy goodies from QVC today for several people, so maybe you'll be one of the lucky ones on my Philosophy Christmas list this year!  :)   


  1. I have wondered about that brand for a while and have meant to try it. let me know what you think...

  2. I LOVE philosophy products! I don't know if you've tried their shower gel/bath/shampoo 3-in-1 combos, but they're amazing and they come in all sorts of flavors...if you like to take baths, they're amazing! They also have a great product for chapped lips called "kiss me" that i swear by to slough off the dead skin. I'm a bargain shopper too, but I have realized that I'll spend extra money for a product that really works.